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How to know that you came across an ideal demand planning solution for your business?

GMDH Demand Planning Software System and Tools

Every business should be based on planning. Planning allows you to define the direction of your further development and make the moves necessary to bring your business to a higher level.

This is where you might need demand planning software. Instead of using the trial-and-error method, GMDH Streamline demand planning software utilizes formal mathematical algorithms to compute an accurate prediction of demand based on previous historical values. These approximations are precise due to the advanced algorithm at the core of the program. In particular, this algorithm builds gradually complicated mathematical models and compares the predictions given by those models with real historical data. If the difference is not satisfactory, the model is built again using a set of various approximation methods ranging from linear and polynomial approximation to Gaussian and harmonic.

This approach makes demand planning much easier because you receive several models providing the best prediction results for you to choose from. GMDH Streamline is not an overcomplicated tool, you can get results quickly without spending hours making preliminary adjustments and playing with parameters.

Download and evaluate GMDH Streamline or Schedule an online demo and streamline the demand planning process in your company. If you download GMDH Streamline and run into any problem at all, we have highly responsive customer support that are always happy to help and answer any questions you might have!

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Examples of Reports

List View

Outputs forecasts for all items.

Forecast Report Example - List View

Inventory Report

Calculates reorder points and quantities using the forecast, quantities on-hands, on-order quantities and the lead time.

Inventory Report Example

Item View

Shows in-depth analysis of models.

Processing Results Example - Item View

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