A Business Forecasting Solution that Best Fits Your Business

How to know that you came across an ideal business forecasting software for your business?

GMDH Business forecasting software and tools
  • Fast and intuitive user interface. Business forecasting needs to be accomplished quickly and efficiently, so you can concentrate on running your business.
  • Seamless integration of company data sources. Bidirectional connectivity pulls in data from your sales system and automatically exports the forecasted order information to your ERP system.
  • Multi-user capabilities. All stakeholders are able to collaborate, ensuring an accurate, definitive business forecast.
  • Smooth and fast implementation process. A successful implementation requires the coordination of many moving parts. We understand the gamut of sales and ERP systems, ensuring you are up and running quickly and easily.
  • Ideal fit of the business process in your company. Your business forecasting solution needs to be aligned with your business goals and also with all of the other processes in your company.

There are many factors to take into account when choosing a business forecasting software system for your company. These include the total cost of ownership of the chosen solution, reliable, high quality support, and finally, your ability to evaluate all features before making the decision.

Business forecasting in GMDH Streamline

Let’s take a closer look at Streamline features specific to business forecasting:

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Accurate Statistical Forecast

Inaccurate Forecasting may be more dangerous than not forecasting.

Many forecasting products use “model fit” to determine which forecasting algorithm to use. The problem with this approach is that it promotes models that may look great on current data, at the expense of making accurate predictions on future data. This problem is called “overfitting”. GMDH Streamline uses special algorithms to create models that do not overfit, and thus provide more accurate forecasting predictions.

Forecast Approval System

Do you need to collaborate with your colleagues to develop your forecasts?

Our forecast approval system gives you an opportunity to manage your forecasts with others, allowing each SKU to have a status of Approved, Unapproved, or Needs Attention. Approved SKUs are locked from further changes.

Revenue Planning

Do you need to know your sales forecast for your next period(s)?

Streamline is able to import sales prices as well as sales history, allowing for revenue forecasts aligned with demand forecasts.

Flexible Manual Adjustments

How do you account for additional factors?

For many businesses, the final forecast is a consensus between statistical forecasts and management/planner assumptions.

GMDH Streamline provides an environment where forecasts can be managed, reevaluated, and modified to account for additional information known internally by your management team, or provided by your vendors and suppliers.

Forecasting New Products

Do you have new products that replace discontinued products or just products without large amount of history?

No problem! GMDH Streamline can link such products to the sales history of similar, existing products (substitutions) or set seasonal coefficients. This allows you to get a good forecast for them as well.

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