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GMDH Shell for Data Science 3.5.6

For time series forecasting, regression, curve fitting, classification or if you are not sure, choose this version.


16.2 MB | July 25, 2014

GMDH Shell for Business Forecasting 3.5.6

For sales or demand forecasting, inventory optimization and inventory planning, choose this version.


11.9 MB | July 25, 2014

GMDH Shell for Financial Markets 3.5.2

For stock market prediction or forex forecasting, choose this version.
However, this version makes a prediction for only one day ahead - for other periods, choose the Data Science version.


36.3 MB | June 17, 2014

GMDH Shell for Load Forecasting 3.5.6

For electricity load forecasting, baseline electricity consumption, choose this version.


12.4 MB | July 25, 2014

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